Thursday, January 24, 2013

January 23, 2013

I have skipped some days and will have to play catch up but I blame blogger for that since it wouldn't let me upload pictures.  Anyway I figure I would start with today and play catch up later.  So after all the nieces went home, Jordan got in bed and I finally ate some dinner, I was sitting on the couch watching the Biggest Loser and browsing Pinterest.  I saw a post about getting stains out of your carpet by using windex, a white rag and an iron.  After reading through it I was also reading the comments and several people said that they just use LA Totally Awesome for stains.  Well thanks to my sister Chelsea, I had some Awesome!  So I decided I would give it a shot so I went and got the Awesome cleaner and a white rag and I tried it on a spot.  It came up in about 2 seconds.  So I moved to the next spot and then the next and then the next, Etc.........  It was so crazy how easy this stuff got the stains out of the carpet.  I found myself spot cleaning the entire living room and I was quite disgusted by what my rag looked like when I was done.  We seriously need some new carpet now that our sweet baby is mobile.  But here is a look at my rags.

Gross, right?!?!?!  Let me let you in on a secret.  This totally "AWESOME" LA Totally Awesome cleaner is sold at Dollar Tree!!!!  Thats right!  a whole bottle of awesomeness for $1!!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January 14, 2013

Back to work!  But it is always a little better when you have someone this cute sharing your desk!!

I also got to go to lunch with Mary so that is always plus.  It was a good day!

January 13, 2013

Happy Sunday! 

I do love Sundays.  Especially this Sunday because Daddy comes home!!!!  Even if he was 3 hours late he still come home!!!!  We didn't do much  beside go to church but I did  make a yummy healthy lasagna for dinner.
The picture doesn't look that great but it was!!!!

January 12, 2013

Today we just worked at home and played.  We did take a break to go to Moriah's baby shower.  She was so stickin cute pregnant!!  Besides that nothing huge happened this day.  Just got to enjoy this cute face all day!!

I just don't think it gets any cuter then this!!!!

I also worked on getting her family pictures hung up in her room.   I was excited to finally get them up.  We hung up her picture that Grandma Peggy drew of her.  It turned out so good you can't even tell that it is a drawing.  My Grandma is talented.  We also hung up the pictures that Grammie Lori took of us and framed and then the picture of Jordan with her Momma Amber and Big Brother Logan.  I just love this wall.  We also have the adoption creed hanging above crib.  These 2 walls make me smile and remind of the miraculous way our family came to be!

January 11, 2013

Today is Lizzy's party!!  That means I have to get this cake done!  I worked on it until 12:30 last night and then I had to go to a meeting this morning so I lost a little bit of time but once I got home I worked hard and was able to get it done.  She gave me a very specific list of what she wanted her cake to have on it.  I think I got everything.  Here is the finished product.

 I loved it!! And I am pretty sure she will love it!!  Not to bad for a 10 year old's birthday cake. 

A random thing.  I went to get ice and this what I saw in the ice tray...
How the heck does that happen?!?!?!?

Finally it was time to deliver the cake and Lizzy Loved it!!!!!!  I was so happy.  Then it was time for the party to start.  Not sure who voluntarily goes to a party of 9 and 10 year olds but we did.  It was loud but they were having so much fun.  Emy was babysitting Hollan so they decided to come over for Pizza and cake.  Jordan just thought Hollan was the funniest thing ever!!
I love that big smile!!

Once it was Jordan's bedtime we decided to head home.  After I got her down I started on my freezer meals again.

Looks yummy!!!


January 10, 2013

I had to start on Lizzy's cake today which meant Jordan was going to have to entertain herself for awhile.  She usually does a great job at this because she is awesome like that!
I have wanted to try doing a cake with Marshmallow Fondant because it may taste a little better and would be way cheaper.  I have tried a couple different recipes and none ever worked.  So Amber gave me her recipe and I decided to try again and guess what?!?!  It finally worked!!!!  I was excited.  I covered my first cake with it and it turned out pretty good.  It is much more sticky then normal fondant but it wasn't too bad.

Beautiful, Right!?!  Once it was covered it was time to start coloring it.  I was so excited to use my airbrush machine again.  It is amazing how much time that can save not having to hand color all the fondant.  So I got all my paint ready, turned the compressor on and started painting.  I was concentrating so hard on getting the color even that I wasn't paying much attention to anything else.  Next thing I know my air hose rips out of my hand and my compressor is on the floor!!! :/  Not good!  Silly me forgot that you can't put the compressor on the counter cause it vibrates too much and sure enough it just vibrated right on to the floor.  :(  and it broke.  I wanted to cry!  Hoping Brandon can fix it but I don't know.  Lucky I was able to get the whole bottom colored since I already had the fondant on the cake.

After all this happened I went in to check on Jordan and this is what I found.
He He.  Looks like she found a friend!!  She was having a good time with the baby in the mirror.  It was so cute!!

January 9, 2013

So I really wasn't slacking on this already.  Brandon took the computer to work so I wasn't able to stay with it everyday.  I will try to do better.  :)

Daddy went back to work today so it is just us girls for the next couple days.  Jordan and I decided to go and see the Warns for a bit.  I was so excited to finally use Lizzy's karaoke machine.  So here is what our early evening looked like.

I loved listening to them sing.  It was a lot of fun!

Then I had dinner with my baby girl!!

She was much more interested in my Tuna then her rice cereal.  Ha Ha.  Some day baby!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

January 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Lizzy!!!!

Today is one of my sweet nieces birthday.  She is 10!!!  I can hardly believe that.  Although I think she is 10 going on 17!!

Today was a another good day.  Work went fast which is always nice and then it was home to do cub scouts.  I will be honest when I say that I was far from excited about this calling.  I know nothing about scouts and have never done anything like this.  I am grateful that me and Brandon are in it together.  There is no way I could do it without him.  But as we are slowly figuring it out it is actually kind of fun.  We only have 3 boys which is nice and I think we have done some fun projects.  Yesterday we were finishing up the craftsman badge.  They made picture frame, a cup coaster and a sprinkler.  The sprinkler is totally awesome and works better then any sprinkler we have every bought.

After scouts it was time to go see the Birthday girl!!  She was so cute with super curly hair and a big smile.  She invited us over to have dinner with them.  She wanted to have tacos so she could eat as much as she wants.  I think she topped out at 6 tacos!!  Way to go Liz!!!!  Then we sang Happy Birthday and had cake.  I gave her the present from me and Jack today since I will be bringing the cake to her party on Friday.  Then she will get something both days.  She has a rather lengthy list of what she wants on her cake so it was be a present in itself.  *I'll post pictures when I am done.

*Due to the fact that most of our events involved other people children, I will have no pictures today.  Sorry

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January 7, 2013

I can't believe it is already the 7th.  I can tell this year is going to go just as fast as the last.    Today was the 1st day back to work after a 17 day break.  The alarm clock was a rude awakening.  But the day was good and went fast.  Lots of piles on my desk to work through but I am getting there.  When I got home we had to go back to town because Safeway was out of chicken when we were there on Saturday.  We had a couple other stops to make too so it took awhile.  But while we were in Home Depot it was me who was bored this time and so I got Jordan to start blowing raspberries again.  I did get a video this time.

I seriously could just watch her do that all day!!  It is just so funny!!

Anyway,  today we started our jump start diet.  It is just a 3 day diet to jump start healthy eating and to break down the toxins in your body.  Brandon struggled with it a little cause he said he was just so hungry but I didn't think it was that bad.  But he was anxious to get home and make dinner to fill his belly.  While he was making dinner I started to prep my first freezer meal.  I knew I didn't have a lot of time before bed so i decided to just get one done.  I hope it taste as good as it smell just mixing all the ingredients.  Here a picture of our first freezer meal.  Crossing our fingers that it is good.

Honey Sesame Chicken!!!! 

January 6, 2013

Church day!!  A new year means a new church time.  We are now on 1:00 church and I am so happy about that!  Cause we like to sleep in and now we can on Sundays.  It was fast Sunday so no yummy breakfast but it was nice to get up, listen to the sounds of Sunday and get ready for church.  We haven't been to our ward in a couple weeks so it was nice to be back.  And Jordan looked super cute in her new dress from the Heaps.  Payson picked it out.

Church was great as always and I really enjoyed Malia's lesson on goal setting.   After church it was time to go to Dad's for fast Sunday dinner.  Although it wasn't the normal Tacos it was still very yummy.  Chicken Alfredo with bacon, salad, rolls and dessert.  After fasting it quickly filled my belly.  We always enjoy going to dads.

Once we got home we did our official weigh in.  We both would like to lose some pounds and just get into shape.  So we weighed and measured and wrote down out goals.  Wish us luck!!

January 5, 2013

I seriously spent the entire day making a grocery list!!!  And it was long!!

I spent lots of time on pinterest trying to find healthy recipes and looking through all the recipes I had pinned.  It was hard and took me forever!!  But Brandon was working hard outside anyway so it was ok that it took me so long.  I did however finally come up with 15 recipes and got the grocery list completed.  Most of them can be froze so I plan to prepare those ones and get them in freezer for easy dinner making!  I am excited!

What I was even more excited about was when Brandon came in and told me that our entertainment center was done and he needed help moving into the house. He has worked so hard on this and he was glad to finally be done with it!!  When we moved into our house this old rickety thing was back in the shop and looked like a pile a junk but when I looked closely at it I decided with a little (or alot) of work it would be an awesome piece of furniture.  I am lucky enough to be married to an amazing man who can do projects like this.  Here is the before and after (He forgot to take a picture before he did anything to it so the before was after the sanding and stripping had already started)

Brandon took the after picture from the couch.  I will have to get a better one when I get home but isn't it beautiful!!  He did a great job and it adds so much to our living room.  I love it!!

After we got it in the house we finally set out on our grocery shopping journey.  I was glad when that was over.  But while we were in Safeway Brandon started blowing raspberries at Jordan.  She has been able to do this for awhile but just with her lips so Brandon was doing it to her but with his tongue sticking out.  So Jordan starting to try and copy and oh my heck it was the funniest thing ever!!  She was trying sooo hard to figure it out and making the funniest faces while doing it.  Im not sure why didn't think to take a picture or video but we didn't.  Finally after several attempts she figured it out.  And once she got it down she wouldn't stop doing it.  We and Brandon were rolling.  People in Safeway probably thought we were crazy!  Oh I just love that little girl to pieces!!!

January 4, 2013

Brandon finally came home today.  After being with him for 9 straight days, having him gone for 2 days seems like forever!!  But pretty much as soon as he got home his pager went off and he was back out on a call for Pima.  Ugh!  The life of a medic.   Jordan and I again slept in which was just fine with me.  Once Brandon got home he pretty much spent the whole day out in the shop working on our entertainment center.  We would go out and check on him every once in a while.   We again watch several episodes of Friday Night Lights.  Obviously I was having a hard time getting back into the routine of life but I think it is always good to just have a couple days of laziness.

One new thing I learned about Jordan today is that she sometimes sleeps with her eyes open.  I laid her down for a nap.  I had to put her on our bed because her bedding was  being washed.  When I laid her down she was a little restless so I laid next to her to rub her back.  I too had my eyes closed enjoying the snuggles.  Once I heard her breaths deepen and her soft snore start I knew she was asleep so I could get up.  When I opened my eyes I was surprised to see that her eyes were very much open.  It kind of startled me and my first thought was she was not asleep but I quickly realized that she was very much asleep and just had her eyes opened still.  I tried to stretch behind me to get my phone without moving her cause I wanted a picture.  She moved a little and kind of closed  her eyes but I was able to get one picture.
Totally asleep!  Amber let me know that Jordan's big brother Logan is also known to be found sleeping with his eyes open.  :)

Since she was sleeping I decided I should probably get something done.  So I started to task of cleaning out the fridge and freezer.  :/  When I was done I stepped back and took a look and this is what I saw.

Needless to say, I decided we would be eating out that night since there was NO food left in the fridge!  After 6 months of Mary meals I guess it is time to go shopping.  But we did enjoy some yummy Casa Manana because of the empty fridge.

January 3, 2013

Another day home!!  We slept in until 10:00 am today and it was awesome!  I love having a baby who loves to sleep.  But today we had to get dressed because Jordan had a Dr. appointment and this is how she felt about that.

He he.  I love her faces!! 

We were glad to finally get into the Dr. now that we were home.  Dr. Batty said that her lungs were still a little hoarse but that the RSV has seemed to pass.  Woo-hoo!!  I talked to him about my concern with her vomiting up all her bottles and he said that her tummy is about 3/4 full of mucus and that is why she can't keep down her bottle.  He suggested we buy from acidaphlus (I know that is spelled wrong) to go in her bottles and to feed her just small amounts at a time.  I kind of had to chuckle inside because he must not know my child if he thinks she is going to let me feed her only 1 oz at a time!  ha ha.  This girls likes her babas!!  We did back it down to 4 or 6 oz bottles and are slowly working our way back up to 8 oz.  Of course no one would ever know she was sick because she is always so happy!  While we waiting at the Dr. office she would just smile and talk to every single person who walked by her.  I think she probably made every person who walked out of the office during that half an hour happy and they all left the Dr. with a smile on their face!  Who couldn't be happy after seeing this cute face?!?!

January 2, 2013

Daddy went back to work today.  :(   Jordan and I had a semi-productive day.  I was supposed to go back to work today too but with Grace have the flu and Jordan getting over her RSV and puking I decided it would be best for me to just stay home with her instead of sending her to Tab's for the day.  And of course I was happy to have a couple more days off.  So in between episodes of Friday Night Lights we cleaned the house.  I was able to get everything done that we decided not to do yesterday.   The biggest task was folding what seemed like 50 loads of laundry.  But I did and I got them all put away.  I also began the task of organizing and throwing out garbage that didn't need to be cluttering my house any more. But the day mostly consisted of staying in our PJ's,  (Well Jordan had thrown up twice so she was in her 3rd outfit for the day by 8 AM) watching tv, taking naps, making funny faces and snuggling on the couch.  Who could ask for a better day!!

January 1, 2013


     After being gone for 9 days in Colorado it was good to be home and start the new year off by doing laundry!  Well actually Brandon did all the laundry which I was very grateful for.  I spent the day getting all the Christmas decorations down, putting away Christmas presents and cleaning the house.  But then we decided since Brandon was home that we would finish the cleaning later and enjoy the day.   I couldn't think of a better way to spend it then finally watching Pitch Perfect!  After exchanging our Blu-Ray we got for Christmas for one that does a little more we were able to rent it right on the TV.   It was an awesome movie.  Even Jordan loved it.  She laid on the floor to watch it and would totally start getting jiggy with it when they would sing.  It was super cute!

Jump on the Band Wagon

As we have started a new year and I set goals for myself I have decided to jump on the band wagon of 365 blogging.  With our sweet Jordan and other exciting things that I am sure will happen through out the year I really want to be better about writing it all down.  So I do this for none other then myself and my family but I am happy to have any of you read along on our adventures of 2013!!!

And I will do my best to play a little catch up and hopefully I will be able to stick to it!