Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thought of the Day

I get a thought of the day sent to me each morning. I wanted to post the one from today cause I think this is great advise for everyone right now.

One of the things I have really tried harder to do in my life
lately is be more positive. There are no two ways about it -
it has been a real challenge for me. There are plenty of
things in my job, in my personal life that could be better.
As I have looked for things to help me in this endeavor, I
came across this quote from President Hinckley that I would
like to share with you this morning:

"I come this morning with a plea that we stop seeking out the
storms and enjoy more fully the sunlight. I am suggesting
that we 'accentuate the positive.' I am asking that we look
a little deeper for the good, that we still our voices of
insult and sarcasm, that we more generously compliment virtue
and effort. I am not asking that all criticism be silenced.
Growth comes of correction. Strength comes of repentance.
Wise is the man who can acknowledge mistakes pointed out by
others and change his course. What I am suggesting and asking
is that we turn from the negativism that so permeates our
society and look for the remarkable good in the land and
times in which we live, that we speak of one another's
virtues more than we speak of one another's faults, that
optimism replace pessimism, that our faith exceed our fears."

When I stop and think about it, I have a great deal to be
thankful for, and a great many things about which I should
be optimistic. I hope that we can all look for the good in
our lives and try to minimize the influence the bad can have
over us.

I just really thought this was a great quote, and a great reminder. The world around us is crazy right now. There are so many bad and sad things happening all around and they are even right within our own families. So many, that sometime I just don't know how the Lord expects us to get through. But if we take President Hinckley's advise and look for the positive, I am sure each day will be better and better. This is something that Brandon and I have been working on, well I guess more just me cause Brandon is already so positive about everything. But we decided to focus on all the things that we have and not on the things we don't. To be happy and grateful for the home we have and the money to buy groceries. To be thankful for the friends and family we have that are there to support us no matter what. And especially to remember to depend on the Lord for everthing. We leave everything up to him and we know that as long as we remain faithful he will always take care of us. And that is what gets us through each day. Sorry for the rambling but I just wanted to share this wonderful quote. :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm in the paper!!!

Move to a small town and you get put in the paper. It is kind of cool!!! I was voted staff of the month at our school for April and it got my picture in the Eastern Arizona Courier. Here is the link to see my happy face.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


So I decided to forgo the movie cause it was taking too long and I already had pictures. So although the video was way better you can at least enjoy the pictures.

This is the master bedroom. One side has our bed and the other side is my bookshelf and reading chair. One of my favorite spots.
Here is the master bathroom. I think the bathroom is bigger than our room but I love it. There is enough space in here that when you take a shower the mirror doesn't even fog up. Its great!!!

We are slowly getting use to a smaller shower. We were spoiled in out last house with a 6 foot shower.
Here is my closet. Tons of space. It is so nice.
My favorite part of my closet. My shoe racks!!!! They rock!!!
Here is Brandon's closet.
And his shoe racks. He has the same amount on the other side of the closet too. And a hat to go with each pair of shoes. He is so silly, I just can't get enough of him.

Here is a couple different views of the living room. This room just seems to be so peaceful. I love at night when you just turn on the can lights so it is not to bright in the room. It is very relaxing.

This is the dining room. Sorry the glare is so bad. But I think I need a bigger table now?!?!

Here is the kitchen. I love my kitchen!!! A lot people told us that we should of made the kitchen bigger and while it was being built the kitchen looked so small but now it is perfect. We have so much cabinet space it is wonderful. We got the tall cabinets so I have to have a stool to reach of the top but that is ok. It is so nice cause since i have so much cabinet space, I do not have to have anything out on the counter. It is great!
This is our office/computer nook. It in nice to have somewhere for the computer to go instead of just being in the living room like we had it before.
This is one of the guest rooms. With 2 beds.
This is the other guest room. With 1 big bed. So that makes 3 beds all together. Plus we have 2 hide-a-beds, a futon and an air mattress. So there is lots of room of visitors. :)
This is obviously the hallway. I don't know why but I have always had a thing for hallways. I love them.
This is the guest bath.
And this is our unfinished basement. Someday when we finish it where the washer and dryer is right now will obviously be where the laundry room is. Then across from that will be the food storage room. Then in each corner there will be bedrooms with a bathroom in the middle.
All this will be the family room. We already have our tv and stuff down here, so although it is not finished we still get good use out of our basement.
Here is Brandon's garage. We finally got it mostly cleaned out so we can both park in here now.
And for Brandon's sake I have to show you his sink. he is very proud to have a sink in this garage and he makes sure that everyone who comes over sees his sink. Silly boy.
This is my garden. Well a start at least. We have tomatoes and carrots. Someday we will have more.
Here is view of all our dirt. This is the backyard. We have a full acre. Our property goes all the way to the back white fence, if you can see it. So we will have lots of space to do something with someday.
So those are the highlights our of house. It is so nice to be back in our own place. and to have all my stuff back. We look forward to having some visitors!!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009


So me and Brandon had an eventful day yesterday. We went to Phoenix this weekend to pick up an order and watch conference with his parents. Well when we were coming home last night, we were in Globe when all the sudden I hear Brandon say, "What the heck is this guy doing?" So I look up and there is a four-runner coming right at us. So Brandon starts to slow down and lays on his horn. The guy slowed down a little bit and tried to move over but we were in the lane right next to the median so there was no where he could go. And there was a semi on the other side of us so we could not move over either. Once the semi realized what was going on he tried to move over as much as he could and this aloud us to get our truck far enough out of the way that he didn't hit the truck. But we were pulling our trailer and there was not room to move it. So we heard the car hit one of the side lights on our trailer and we thought that would stop him but he didn't, he kept trying to go and then he hit he wheel-well, so now he is stuck between our trailer and the median. Brandon was getting a little upset cause this is not the first trailer that has been hit while hooked to his truck (for anybody who didn't know, when we were moving Brandon's parents into their house someone rear ended the trailer and totaled it and bent the frame on Brandon's truck.) Anway, I get the phone to call 911 and the ladies answers and asked where we are and I had not idea, and then she was like, "are you on the highway 60?" and I was like yes, and then she was like, "are you reporting the guy driving down the wrong side of the road?" I said yes but he also hit our trailer. So she dispatched some police officers to us but all the sudden 7 cop cars and two ambulances show up. The reason for this was the officers first got the call saying someone was driving down the wrong side of the road and then they got a call saying that he sit someone, so they all thought it was a head on collision. Anyway, everyone shows up and the get the guy out of his car and he has no idea what is going on and he doesn't really understand what anyone is telling him. But we had to unhook Brandons trailer to move it so we could get it off his car and then they moved us all into a parking lot so we could get out of the street. The officer writing it all up was obviously new and he filled it all out on the wrong paper work and so he had to do it all over again. It took forever!!!! we were there for like an hour and half. But it was kind of sad cause they brought the guy into the parking lot and he got in his car, and he was like searching for something and the officer was like, "what are you looking for?" And the guy said my keys. And the officer was like we have your keys and you are not aloud to drive. And they guy didn't understand why. I really don't think he every had any idea what happened or what was going on. So once all the paper work was filled out they let us leave and I was looking at the police report and the old man was 90 years old!!! If he is that old and that out of it, he should not be driving!! Anyway, lucky no one was hurt and I told Brandon it is probably a good thing that he hit our trailer and not someones car. We probably saved someone life. So it was a fun night.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

We moved in!!!!!!

We finally moved into our house. We have been in for almost a month now. Sorry it took so long to post anything but it was a lot of work unpacking all those boxes. Here is a shot of the front of the house. (Sorry about the ladder) There are still some things to be done to the front, we have shutters that will go on the outside that are the same color of the door and there will also be a fence on the front porch that goes from the wall to the little post. So it will look real nice once we get those up. And check out that blue sky.. AMAZING!!!!

Now I decided to just video tape my house instead of taking 5 million pictures so hopefully you can all enjoy it and don't get too sick from my camera skills. Also when I'm outside you can not really hear me taking but I am telling you about my straight driveway instead of the curved driveway we were originally going to have. Anyway, Enjoy!!!!

ok so i just spent an hour waiting for my video to upload and it will not do it. So we will redo our video and break it apart into shorter videos. Sorry, UPdates will come soon.