Tuesday, October 6, 2009

To be a Secretary

So I think it is just my destiny to be a secretary. As of right now I am working at the Elementary school as the secretary. 10 months ago I was called to be the Relief Society Secretary. Last night I went to a High School Booster Club meeting and was nominated to be the secretary. I guess I will just have to except this as my calling in life. :/

I forgot to post this last week but once again I just have to tell everyone how amazing our Sunday school is. I posted how they showed up for Brandons birthday with cake in hand as they all sang him happy birthday. Well on my birthday we went out of town and I wasn't really expecting anything since they had just come for Brandon's birthday. But it my surprise last Wednesday they all showed up. Well almost all of them. Once again, with a cake in hand and a song to sing. They are so awesome. We of course invited them all in to share the cake and we had a great time with them. They even made me a hat and a card. They card was great!!! Anyway, they are just an awesome group of kids.

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