Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Kathy

We had a great weekend celebrating Kathy's birthday!!! Hopefully she doesn't care that I tell people how old she is but we celebrated her 50th birthday by welcoming her to the 50's. Whats a better way to do that then have a 50's party?!?! Karmen has all the good ideas.

After 5 hours of basketball Saturday morning we rushed off to Phoenix for the surprise. Shawn had taken Kathy to a birthday movie and we got there just in time to changed and set up. Karmen made all the girls super cute poodle skirts and the guys wore Jeans and white shirts.
When Kathy and Shawn got home we have the 50's music playing as we all waited to yell the big surprise. She was surprised and very excited.

How cute are these outfits??

After taking some pictures and trying to figure out how to dance to 50's music we headed out to dinner at Olive Garden. And yes, we wore our outfits!! It was a lot of fun and it was great for everyone to be there.

We decided to stay through Sunday and we all went to church with the O'Leary's. We then went and continued the celebration with Shawn's oh so yummy rice and beans, rolls and some birthday cake and ice cream. We had a really great time and were sad to leave.