Friday, February 20, 2009

Oh, Paint!

So funny little story. At least now it is funny. So the other night me and Brandon were at our house painting away.(Someday we might actually finish) I had my paint in a little cup like container and I was painting away feeling good cause I was making good progress. I was in the master painting the baseboards and then a ran into a stack of screens that needed to be moved so I could paint behind them. So I lean over to set my paint cup on the floor and when I did my cell phone that I had in the front pocket of the flannel I was wearing slide right out into the bucket of paint. Yes, I did say my cell phone!!!! I reached in as fast as I could and got it out. I could not believe I just did that. But Brandon to the rescue. He hurried over and took the battery out real fast and cleaned it off and then he hurried out side to the hose to rinse my phone off. He took the hose and just sprayed my phone with it. I totally freaked out and told him he was going to ruin my phone anymore. But then Brandon, being the smart husband he is, told me, "You just dropped your phone in a bucket of paint, I don't think anything could ruin it more." Good point hunny!!! So he rinsed it all off and then took the phone and the battery and put it in his truck in front of the defroster. After letting it sit there for a while he then just set it out to cool off. Surprisingly, thanks to Brandon's great efforts, the phone still turned on when I got back in the truck a little while later. I could not believe it but I was so happy. The only problem was my touch keys. I have a chocolate so half of the buttons only work by touch, like an ipod, so none of those buttons would work. Basically all my phone was good for was answering it but the ear piece was so full of paint when my sister called me I could barely hear her. I was bummed since I have over 300 pictures on my phone that I now had no way to get to. :(
Happy ending though, yesterday I missed a call and I got mad cause I could not look to see who it was so I just kept pushing the button over and over hoping that it would work, and it did!!!!! All the sudden my buttons were working. I was so excited. They are a little slow and some of them stick sometimes but they work and I don't have to buy a new phone. YAY!!!! So after it started working I then spent the rest of the afternoon picking all the paint out of the cracks of my phone with a exact o knife, a staple and my fingernails. It actually looks pretty good, kind of. Anyway, sorry that turned into a really long story but it is just one of those things that will be fun to look back and read in a couple of years!!

Monday, February 9, 2009


I know it seems like the only thing I blog about is our house but really that is the only exciting thing going on right now. And I think it is very exciting!!! So here are some pictures of the inside of the house.

Here is the outside of the house again. They got a little far on the siding. It is so fun to finally see what the finish product is going to look like.

You can't really see much because of the sun but this is Brandon's garage. I guess even if the sun was not there, there is not very much to see. :)
This is one side of the Master Bath. My beautiful deep bathtub in the middle and then each of our closets on the sides. There is also two sinks, a shower and toilet room but I could not get it all in on a camera phone. But I have to say I think this is one of the things that I am most excited for!!!! finally my own bathroom again that isn't all the way across the house. It will be like heaven on earth.
So this picture is side ways but just turn your head and you will see it the right way. This is one side of one of our closets. Can you guess if it is mine or Brandon's???? Every guy at work that has seen this closet tells Brandon, "Man, your wife has a lot of shoes!" and then Brandon, as manly as he can, tells them, "this is not my wife's closet it is mine." Nobody seems to believe him but truly, it is. He has so many shoe racks it cracks me up. But for a man with a lot of shoes, like Brandon, this is the perfect closet.
This picture is sideways too but this is standing in the living room looking at the front door.
Here I am standing in the front entry looking into the living room. Not too exciting yet but everytime I look at it, I can just picture all my furniture in there!!!! YAY!!!
This is the living room also but this is looking towards the dining room and the kitchen. Sorry the lighting is so bad. We have so many windows in our house and it was really bright outside.
Here is looking into the kitchen. We are hoping to have cabinets by the end of this week.
This is our little computer nook. We are going to have have a build in desk and cabinets so I think it should be very nice.
Here is just the inside view of the kitchen. Where the plumbing is coming out of the wall is where the sink will be and then the dishwasher will be on the left hand side and then cabinets on the right hand side. We are going to have a raised bar so you won't be able to see the sink and stuff from the other side.
I didn't realize I took so many sideways picture sorry. But this is standing in the guest bath looking down the hall. I don't know why but I have always loved hallways so I made sure to put one in our house.
This is one of the guest rooms. I love the bay window in it but I am not sure how well a bed will fit in there ??? I guess Rod and Kathy will have to see cause hopefully in a couple weeks this will be there room!!!!
This picture is just to show the paint. You can't really tell the paint colors in the pictures. But we decided we did not want white walls. We had white walls in our last house and I hated them but we never got around to painting them. So we decided we would just start off with a different color. The color we choose was Gobi Desert. I was a little nervous cause on the paint card it looked so dark but then we we got it on the walls it was perfect. I absolutely love it!!! We were going to try and keep things easy and cost down by painting everything the same color. The walls, ceilings, baseboard it was all going to be this color. But then once they did that, it just so boring in the house so we decided to paint all the baseboards and the door trims. So we went and bought a gallon and paint and went to town. We still wanted to keep cost down so we just decided we would do it ourselves. Let me tell you, it is taking forever!!!!! Brandon figured it would not be that big of a deal cause when he working he is the painter so this is what he does all day long. but now that is taking every night and Saturdays, he has decided he should of just had the company do it so he could at least be getting paid!! But is is a little too late. We are hoping a couple late nights this week and we should have it all done.
I didn't get a picture of everything but I got the highlights. The basement looks that same as it always has and it will until we get some more money saved up to build in the rooms. Someday it will happen.
Well that is it for now. I better get to work. I will do my best to keep you all up to date on things.

Friday, February 6, 2009

How Cute is This House???

So there has been a request that I get my act together and update my blog with current house pictures. So I was going to go and get pictures yesterday but by the time I got there it was too dark inside to take any inside picture. So you just get one today, but at least Brandon is in it. I will try again this afternoon to get inside pictures so you can see the walls and paint and all the fun stuff.
So they just started our siding yesterday. I was soooo excited!!! We ordered it FOREVER ago and it was backordered but it finally came in. What was even more exciting is it turned out to be exactly the color we were looking for. We were a little scared because it is really hard to see what they color is on a 1" x 2" sample. so I was pleased when I pulled up yesterday.
We are hoping that it should be finished sometime next month. All we are waiting on now is for the rest of the siding to go up and then our tile should be here on Monday or Tuesday an they are counter and countertops probably they end of next week and then carpet and we will be done. You have no idea how much I am looking forward to unpacking all my stuff after it being in storage for 1 year!!!!! Yes, I have been houseless for 1 year. Please take pity on me :( I am not looking forward to all the dirt and dust that is all over everything but it will be like Christmas finding all of our cool stuff again.
Other than that things are going great! Brandon is still teaching sunday school, and I still just mostly sit there and learn like all the other students. He is by far the best teacher!!!!! I was recently called to be the Relief Society Secretary. I love it!!! It is so fun to be back in a Relief Society Presidency. Some people think I am crazy that I enjoy it so much but it is such a blessing to be able to serve so many women. So I am looking forward to getting to know the sisters in my ward. I hope everyone else is doing great and I will do my best to get more pictures up soon.