Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Came Early!!!!!

Do to upcoming travels, Christmas came early to the O'Learys house this year. We were all excited to get together and have the Little's traditional christmas breakfast and open presents even if it was only Dec. 15. We ate yummy sticky buns, eggs, bacon, hash browns and homemade hot chocolate. Afterwards it was time for presents.

Brandon was not feeling very good but he was happy to be there.

Even if he only got a giant kiss!!! He doesn't get the rest till Christmas.

Joss got lots of presents from everyone.
Grandpa is helping her learn on how to use her golf club her daddy got her. what I love so much about this picture is her cute pink shoes!!

Jackson opened a couple presents and by the look of it, that was enough.

It was a great start to Christmas!!!!

Temple Lights

The whole Little family decided we were all going to see the temple lights this year. The men were supposed to meet us there but after a long day installing and Brandon not feeling very well it ended up just being us girls, and jackson! But we had a great time. We started the night off with a great dinner at Red Robin were Joss loved to decorate her Aunt Jessie in her ranch dressing:) and then we headed off to the Temple. As always it was beautiful!!!

Jackson got his jammies on and was all bundles up to keep warm. He looked too cute in his hate and Hurley jacket not to take a picture.

Joss got all bundle up too. she lost the hat before she even got out of the car and the gloves were gone soon after. but she stayed nice and warm running all over with her Grandma.

The manger scene was pretty like always and Joss really liked the Baby.

I Think we all really liked it.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cookie decorating!!!!!!

We all went to the Little's house to decorate cookies!!! Kathy made lots of cookies for the girls to decorate with frosting and all kinds of sprinkles.

Maddy was having lots of fun decorating with whatever she could get her hands on.

One thing she couldn't do was keep her fingers out of her mouth, but a little Maddy germs won't hurt anyone. :)

Lizzy loved decorating!! she really like the pink sprinkles and the stars.

Emy was the best at decorating. I guess maybe she can start making the cakes for everyones birthdays now.

Joss loved to decorate her cookies and eat them right after it was decorated. she was doing a great job, Until............

I guess no one was watching her when she got a hold of the green spinkles :i I guess she really liked them!!! she was proud of what she had done and it was pretty cute.

The finished product!!! all the girls did a great job and had tons of fun doing it

Monday, December 3, 2007


Me and Brandon took a quick trip to San Diego this weekend to go see PJ play basketball. It was a great trip and Brandon was excited to see PJ. We were able to go to dinner with him on Saturday and then we went and watched his game on sunday. although they lost (67-81) it was still really fun to finally see him play.

Friday, November 30, 2007

my husband is sooo cute!!!

I have to show this to everyone cause i think i just have the cutest husband ever!!!!! when he walked out of the bedroom the other and looked at me and smiled with what he was wearing i couldn't control myself. and what i loved even more is he was standing right next to the picture of him when he was alittle boy and it looked exactly the same. he is just sooo cute!!!!

The Beginning!!!

It seems more and more people are using the blog website and i love it!!! so here is the very beginning of The Little's Family Website. I will try my best to keep it current and let everyone know what we are doing.
We love you all and have an awesome Christmas season!!!

The Littles