Thursday, January 3, 2008


Me and Brandon has a great Christmas this year. We stayed at Tabitha and Travis's house. On Christmas eve we had my mom and Terry and my Aunt Sarah and Uncle Wayne and Cody and Rhonda all come over. we did the traditional Christmas Eve Stuff. We had lots of treats, Emily played some songs for us on the piano, the girls made reindeer food, and we read the Christmas story from the bible. The next morning we woke to to a lot of presents and we had so much fun opening all of them. I tried to post a picture of the tree but for some reason it is not letting me put it up. Aside from burning the sticky buns it was a great christmas morning. We then played with some of out toys watched our new movies and cook Christmas dinner. we had too much food for the seven of us, and we are still eating the left overs, but it was sooo yummy.
Here the pictures that it would let upload, maybe i will be able to come back later and put the rest up.

We hope all of you had a great Christmas and a Happy new year!!!