Saturday, December 6, 2008

Finally a computer that works!!!

So I was really goin try and keep up with my blog after I moved but then we don't have the internet at home and for some reason my work computer will not read my memory card. So the only pictures i ever end up putting on this thing are ones off my phone. Well knew I was going to be at my dad's on the computer for awhile so I thought this would be the perfect time to finally put some pictures on here other than my house. So they are all old pictures now but they are still fun.
Go figure, the first one I do is still of my house!! Here is what it looks like right now. We are in the slow stage right now so it never looks like it changes. But they got all the doors and windows in and put the black paper on the roof. On the inside they are just working on the electrical and the plumbing so nothing too exciting for picture taking. But very exciting for me!!! It was fun to pick where all the outlets and lights and fans go. I also was able to put dimmer lights were I want them, like in the master bedroom, over my bathtub, in the dining room. So I am excited for that. We also just went and pick out the colors of our house and the roof and all that kind of stuff. That was a little stressful. The samples they give you to look at are like 4 inches by 3 inches so it is a little hard to imagine that color the size of a house but I think (hope) it will look great. So things are moving along and we are hoping for a completion of about February or March!!!
This year for our 4th anniversary we spent 8 days in Vegas. We had a blast!! We did a lot of walking but it was fun. We stayed in the Marriot Grand Chateau on the strip. We has a super nice room. It was bigger than our first appartment!! It had a full kitchen so the first thing we did was go grocery shopping so we didn't have to spend all our money eating out. It was so nice to relax for 8 days and not really do too much. We tried to hit all the free shows and attractions. They were a lot of fun. All the people trying to sell you stuff everywhere was really annoying but we found out that they can only sell to you if you are 25 or older and since we are not we were able to get off the hook pretty easily.
This was on the night of our anniversary. We went out to dinner and then went and saw the Ultimate Variety show. This is not one of the big shows you always here about but it was soooo good. We would totally recommend it. The host was so funny and the acts were amazing. What made it really good was we investing in a $20 vegas bite card so we only had to buy one ticket to get us both in. I am probably the only person who bargain shops in Vegas. After the show we rode the shuttle over to the Rio to see the Parade in the Sky. There was a little more skin in it than I remember from before but it is always fun to see.

Which Jessica is Hotter??? Really please don't answer that questions, I can pretend :) One night, on my bargain bite card, we went to the Wax Museam. I love it!!! It is really amazing how real they look. Brandon with Michael Jackson.

I was trying to hardest to serenade Simon Cowell. Do you think it is working?? Yeah, me neither.

This is one of my favorite. This is who we were looking for through all the rooms. I love how excited Brandon's face is, even if it is not really him. He finally got to meet him!!!!!!! kind of
Brandon wishes he could drive a car that cool. I have to say, he looks pretty cool standing in front of it. Total Hottie!!!!!

We wanted to go do a session at the Las Vegas temple but we only had our rental car for the first day we were there, just to go to the temple and grocery shopping and stuff. But then we remembered that is was conference weekend so the temple was closed. But we went anyway and walked the grounds. It was so beautiful!!! They had so many flowers everywhere. It was so peaceful I could of stayed there all week. Here we are in front of one of the flower beds.
Brandon had his 24th birthday in August. although he is 24 he still got a lot of presents. He is pretty spoiled. He was sad that his mom did not decorate his cake. This is the first in his life that he did not have a decorated cake. :( Brandon is so wonderful and I could never ask for a better husband. He is the sweetest, kindest, funniest guy I know. He does everything he can to support our little family. He teaches me so much everyday. I am so luckly to be able to call myself his wife. He is amazing!!!!!
We also went jet sking for his birthday and I had a picture on here of him but it somehow disappeared. humm!! sorry sweetie

I also had a birthday. 22!! Man I am getting old. Rod and Kathy came over for my birthday and I got a decorated cake. (ha ha brandon) She made it like school since I had just got my job at the school. It was so cute.

The best part is the cake always taste just as good as it looks!!!

Here is just a random picture but I think it is too funny. Brandon took this little motorcycle from my step brother to see if he could fix it. Well as you can see, he did. I can't believe such a little thing can support that much weight but it was so funny to see him riding it. Travis was also riding it which was really funny. oh boys an their toys.

Well there is a small look at what we have been doing the last couple months. And I saved the best news for last. Ready.................. I quit Wal-Mart!!!!!!! I only have one job now and it is wonderful. I am so excited that I do not have to work on Christmas eve now!!!!!!! Merry Christmas to me!!! It was wonderful day.
Well, if I don't get on here before Christmasm, Merry Christmas to everyone. I hope they will be wonderful!!!