Friday, September 30, 2011

We are CERTIFIED!!!!!!

Brandon and I are certified to adopt!! We would love it if you would help us get our name out there by forwarding this to everyone on your contact list and ask them to pass it on... Please help us be seen by as many people as possible, you never know where our Birth Mom is! Thank you so much!!!!!!

There are a couple of different ways to access our profile

Option 1: You can click directly on our link

Option 2: Go to and click on "View Adopting Family Profiles". There will be 2 sign in options, click the "Continue" button under the "Guests" section. Under "Adopting Family Profiles", mark "Find a profile by ID or names", then type in "Brandon" in the husband area and "Jessica" in the wife area and we will pop up!

Option 3: Visit our Blog at and on the right-hand side of the screen under "Little Family Adoption profile" click on the link.

Thank you so much for all the support and love!!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday, June 16, 2011

What's new?? And Old

I know I am so horrible at updating this thing. I always put stuff on Facebook and then forget about our blog. So I thought I would play catch up. Mostly for myself so I can remember some things that happen but you can all enjoy it as well. So we will start by going back to October 2010. We were asked to do the music for the Stake Truck or Trick. Of course we had to go in costume so we dug out the costume box and decided on the pirates. It was fun when the little kids from school would see me and they had no idea who I was and then they would get so excited once they figured out it was me.

Just like every Fall Bantam Basketball started again. Brandon had the opportunity to coach one of the teams again. Because of school he wasn't able to make it as much as he wanted to he did enjoy the time he was able to there. The boys always have a good time with him and he does great coaching them. For some reason he always seems to get the smallest boys on his team but they always do great.

December was an exciting month. We had lots of things happen and we were able to do lots of things. The most exciting event was Brandon's GRADUATION!!! Even if he only went for one semester it was still very exciting. He got his EMT certificate and was very excited and anxious to start working on an ambulance. It took a couple month to get hired but he was able to pick up to positions once it was all said and done. It is very exciting for me to finally see him doing something he loves. And he is so good at it. Everybody loves him. Although it was only a semester, it was a long semester! He spent so much time studying and prepping for tests. But it was all worth cause he got straight A's and was the top in his class.

We also decided that we were going to go camping. In December!! Ha ha. Crazy right?!?! Since we were going to stay home for Christmas, Brandon thought it would be fun if we went camping for Christmas. I agreed but we decided we would only do it if there was snow on the mountain. We figured there was no point in freezing our butts off if there was no snow. Unfortunately, as it got closer and closer to Christmas it had yet to snow on the mountain. Brandon was getting very bummed. Finally a couple days before Christmas Day we got a little bit of snow. It wasn't very much so we decided instead of camping we would just go up and spend a couple hours. It was a
lot fun. It was so nice on the mountain. We went up to the look-out town but it was so foggy we couldn't really see anything. Afterward, we found a good spot with a good tree for us to stop at so we could decorate it. We were going to do this if we camped so we could still have a Christmas tree on Christmas but we decided to do it anyway cause it would be fun. We found the tree, wrapped all the lights around it and put a bow on the top. Well as close to the top as i could get. We then plugged the lights into Brandon's truck and enjoyed it with some hot chocolate. Although if I remember correctly there was no Christmas music in the background. Instead there was a lovely tune of Boom Boom Pow coming out of the truck. Ha ha either way worked for me. We played around for a little bit and then headed back down. It was a good day.

Also, in December I got to participate in the 1st Annual Jingle Bell 5K Run. It was put on by Roadrunner Rehab and it was a lot of fun. Once you signed up they gave you a jingle bell bracelet to wear so everyone would be jingling while the ran. Santa was in the front of the pack and they had a truck following behind playing Christmas Music. It was pretty chilly outside but it was good. Nobody else did it with me so that was kind of sad but it was nice to just stay at my own pace and enjoy all the Christmas lights as I ran. It
was at night so it was dark and I tripped at one point but I didn't let it stop me. I can't remember my time exactly. I have it written down somewhere but it was right around 32 minutes. I was happy with there. Brandon was waiting at the finish line to snap a couple pictures.

And of course there was Christmas!! I love Christmas!!! We went to the Warn's house on Christmas Eve and were so excited to be entertained but the nieces as they carried on a long lived tradition of doing a play for the adults on Christmas eve. It was wonderful and I was so glad I was able to watch. After we did the traditional reading of the Christmas story, putting out Reindeer food and tucking everybody in to bed we headed out for the night. We went home to pack out stuff so we could go to the Biggs house. It was a lot of fun to spend Christmas morning with them. The boys were so excited and cute with the presents. Ryan got coal and his reaction was priceless. Luckily there was other presents for him under the tree. We had decided that we were just going to do homemade gifts this year. So i made Brandon a calender that was full of pictures and memories. I loved it and so did he. He made me the most awesome present. He took an old necklace holder that my dad made for my mom along time ago and made a jewelry box that he attached to it. It is absolutely beautiful and I could not of asked for a better present. He is pretty amazing!!! It was a great Christmas. Oh and I also got his Unicycle fixed. He was pretty stoked about that.

I have continued to learn the skill of making cakes. I have made several and I learn something new every time. I think I am almost getting to the point that I would be confidant enough to charge for them. Maybe. It has been a fun talent to learn how to do. I completely forgot that my Grandma Peggy used to make cakes so when I was over there I mentioned it to her and showed her my pictures. Then she told me that she still had several of her cake decorating stuff and I was welcome to have it. I was so excited!!! I got lots of new tips and different decorating tools. It is definitely something that takes a lot of time and patience but I am enjoying it.

Brandon still is loving being on the Fire Department. He was voted in as the Pima Fire Secretary/Treasurer. He has done an excellent job with it and is working very hard to get everything in order. They had an opportunity to do a practice burn on one of the old houses in Thatcher. We decided to go watch the men at work. Fire is a fascinating thing. And of course I couldn't miss a chance to get a picture of my handsome man in uniform.

Besides, that Brandon has been working a lot over in Greenlee and on the Reservation. He is really enjoying being an EMT and he is learning a lot. We are grateful for all the shifts he has been able to pick up as we have a lot of save for right now. Which leads me to the most exciting event that is happening right now and that is that we are ADOPTING!!! Well not quite yet but we are at least in the paperwork stages of getting approved. For mother's day we decided it was time to turn in our papers. I was so excited to finally do it. About 3 1/2 weeks later we had our orientation and then we were able to get started on the paperwork. and when they say paperwork that mean PAPERWORK. Well it is now computer work but there is a lot of it. But i was so excited so I whizzed right through it. But now we are having to wait on all the stuff that other people have to do for us. So I am trying to be as patient as possible. We are so anxious to be approved and to start looking for a family. It was be such an exciting day when we get to welcome a sweet baby into our home. Well I think that pretty much catches us up for now. I am really going to try to do better about updating his things. :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Feb. 2011

I hope everyone had a fabulous Valentine's Day!! Since it is the day of love I figure I should post something about my Love!!! Maybe all wives say this but, they don't come better then my husband!! Brandon really is 1 in a million and I tell him that all the time. He never agrees but I know the truth. ;) He makes everyday so fun. Not one single day goes by that he does not have me laughing. I love that he is so hard working and would do anything to support our family. I love how stinkin cute he is. I honestly lay in bed every night and just look at him for awhile before I turn the lights off. He always tries to make dumb faces so I don't think he is cute during that time but it never works. I love how good of a person he is. No matter when, where or how, he will help anyone in need. I love how he can be friends with anyone. No matter who you are or what your circumstance may be, Brandon will always find the good in everybody. I love that he is soft spoken and never yells. I love his knowledge of the scriptures and the way he can teach them and make them so entertaining. (I will miss him teaching Sunday School) I love that he has been making me a better person since the 1st day I met him. I love his excitement in being a daddy and I can't wait til the day that this happens cause no doubt he will be amazing at it. I love how he laughs so hard at stupid movies and then looks at me confused as to why I am not laughing. I love that he will always eat my dinners, even when they are gross. I love that he can not take a serious picture, it may be annoying at the time but once we see those pictures it is fabulous. I love his gorgeous eyes and how hot he looked last night at dinner. I love that he lets me spend money on myself when the budget allows. ex. Letting my sign up for a month at Zero Cardio Club so i can get a smoking hot body. Ha ha!! (Those are my words not his. That made him sound a little mean.) I love how forgiving he is. No matter what I have thrown at him in the last 7 years he is always there with open arms to love me and forgive me. I love how he can impersonate anybody no matter the accent, he can do it. I love that he has an awesome family. Every family has it's ups and downs but I would not trade my in-laws for anything!! I love that no matter what I may have looked like physically he could always make me feel sexy. I love his hands. I love his infatuation with shoes! I love that he watches cheesy shows with me. (One Tree Hill) I love that he appreciates me. I love that he understands when I am just too tired to keep the house the clean. I love that he loves me. I love that he picked my 7 years ago to be his eternal companion. I remember the week I met him I didn't know him very well but me and Chelsea were eating at a Chinese food place and she was telling all these wonderful things about him, super sweet things that he had done. She was also telling me how sad it was that girls always just wanted to be his friend. (I guess he wasn't bad enough for them, idk) and I remember telling Chelsea how sweet his sounded and that just by what she had told me that he really deserved someone special and I knew one day he would find a girl who would love him for all those amazing things he does. At the time I didn't realize that I was going to get the privilege of being that girl. I try everyday to live up to the women I described that day that he deserves. I love that he is my best friend. I know that everyday I get to call myself Mrs. Brandon Little, I am truly the luckiest girl in the world. I love you Baby!!!