Monday, March 11, 2013

Our 1st "Family" home evening!!

I rencently decided that we needed to be more diligent in having family home evening.  Brandon and I have tried doing it in the past but it is hard when there is only 2 of you.  We always felt a little silly but now that we have sweet Jordan we know that this is important.  And although she is only 7 months old and probably doesn't understand much of what we will talk about, I have faith that she will still be able to feel the spirit as we do our best to have this family time and to study our scriptures and do activities together. 

So tonight was our first go at it and I think it went great!!  For the month of March we will be learning about Our Earthly Bodies.  Tonights lesson was on Healthy Food and Exercise. 
The opening song was The Lord gave me a Temple from the Children's Songbook.  I was unfamiliar with this song but we had pictures to help us learn it.  We then talked about the gift that our bodies are and some of the healthy foods that we should put in them daily and the foods that we should eat in moderation. We had a Eatwell Plate picture to help us understand the different food group we should eat. Jordan played with toy foods from the food groups while we talked about them.   We then talked about exercise and how important it is to keep our bodies moving each day.

After that we each set some goals for ourself and then some for our family. 

Afterwards we did a Scriptire Health Match-up.  Jordan liked this part.  She just wanted the paper so bad!!

Then for a treat we made Rainbow Fruit Sticks.  Well I made a stick and Brandon just ate his out of the bowl with a stick and Jordan just enjoyed her Mango the whole time. 

It was a great 1st family home evening.  I know that our family will be blessed as we continue our efforts.  :)

JMBR Phase 1 complete!!!!

4 weeks down!!!  I can  hardle believe I have survived this long.  It had been good so far.  I missed a couple days last week do to unexpected overnight trips to Phoenix and birthdays but I did play catch up this weekend.  I couldn't let myself miss a day cause I knew it would be harder to move on to the next phase had I missed a day.  The scale has not moved since the 1st week which kind of stinks but my eating hasn't been right on so I need to work on that but my body is changing and I am getting stronger so I am happy to continue with the program. 
I ordered a heart monitor that will help keep me in my target zone and help track my calories so I know exactly how much I need to be eating each day and to make sure I am giving it all I can.

4 weeks down and 9 to go!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

JMBR Week 3

Another week down!!  I am actually surprised at how fast the weeks are going.  I can remember trying to do Slim in 6 and I never made it past week 2 so I am feeling pretty good!!  Week 3 was interesting.  I moved on to workout 3 and 4 this week.  Monday was the first time I did workout 3 and Brandon decided he was going to sit on the couch and watch me.  I never mind people watching me cause  I think it pushes me to try harder but workout 3 was hard the first time and I felt like a fool.  Especially since he was watching me.  He probably was thinking that I had no idea what the heck I was doing!!  Some of the moves were tricky and since I had never done them  before I spent most of the time just trying to figure them out!  Workout 4 was also a little tricky but not as bad.  I am still on cardio 1 so there was no change there which was nice and then by the time I did 3 and 4 on Wednesday and Thursday I was much more coordinated and felt better about myself.  Only 10 more weeks to go!!!!!