Monday, February 25, 2013

JMBR Week 2

I completed week 2 of Jillian Michaels Body Revolution!!!  It is amazing to see how much stronger I am just in the second week.  I was able to do way more push ups then I was able to in the beginning.  I still struggle through the cardio but I can go longer without stopping to take a break.  Hopefully before I move on to Cardio 2 I will be able to complete all of cardio 1 without stopping!
I didn't lose any weight this week but it wasn't discouraging at all.  I can see the difference in my body and the way my clothes are already fitting better and I can see it in my strength.  So even if the scale doesn't show a change, there is change happening!!

This week I move on to Workout 3 and 4.  Excited to see what she has in store for me now!!!!

11 more weeks!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Day 7 - Kickstart Week Complete!

My 7 Day Kickstart Your Metabolism week is done!!  This was a very strict eating and workout week and I am glad it is done.  That means I can now go to 1 a day workouts and just do extra if I want to.  I was very happy with my results!!!

Here is the overview of my results after just 7 days on the Jillian Michaels Body Revolution.

Upper Chest -      -3/4"
Bust -                   -1 1/2"
Midriff -               -1/2"
Upper Arms -       +1/2"
Waist -                 -1 1/2"
Upper Hip -          -2"
Lower Hip -         -1"
Upper Thigh -      +1
Mid Thigh -          -1
Calf -                     0
Weight - 7 lbs

So in the first week I lost 7 lbs and 6 3/4"!!!!!!!
Can't complain about that.  Now on to week 2-13

I decided to only blog once a week unless I just really need to get something down!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

JM Day 6

All I have to say is today sucked!!!  I am it was an okay day but I struggled through today.  I got up at about 8:30 and made my eggs and bacon.  This is probably my favorite breakfast in the kickstart program. I waited awhile for it to settle and then I was going to workout.  The baby woke up about this time so I got her up and realized how horrible her cough was so I called the Dr and they told me that she could come in at 11.  So that now gave me 2 hours to accomplish to much.  I needed to go through the Meal Plan book make a grocery list for the next week.  I was sad to realized that a lot of that food did not look that great to me and some of it had a ton of prep time. So i was able to pick out a couple and I made my grocery list. I surprised to see that it was 2 pages long for only 1 week of food.  I then got Jordan ready and the diaper bag packed and realized that we only had about 15 minutes before we had to leave and I didn't even do my work out yet.  :/  But we got loaded up and headed to the Dr. Jordan has upper respiratory issue, which I already knew cause you could hear it, and red ears and throat.  They prescribed her antibiotics.  Then we headed to Wal-Mart to go grocery shopping which when you are buying weird things like coconut oil, buckwheat flour and flaxseed, it takes a lot of time cause I don't know where these things even are in a grocery store.  We also had to wait for her prescription.  Finally at 1:00 we were done.  But I was almost in tears when I got to the register.  I spent $182!!!!  I did buy some diapers, wipes and toilet paper but that was a lot of money.  That was the moment I realized that I may not be able to stick to JM meals cause we are already stretched about as far as we can be and spending $600 a month on groceries isn't really in the budget.  Some may see this as an excuse but if the money isn't there, the money isn't there.  And not there is nothing we can change to free up money.  Like I said we are already stretched thin.  Paying off an adoption can do that to you.  Anyway, I will figure that out.
After we got home I had about 5 minutes to wrap the baby shower gift and get to the shower.  It was a great shower and I am so excited to Rheanna and Levi to have their sweet baby boy!!  We finally got home at about 3:30!  Now that the day was mostly over and I hadn't even gotten in my first workout or had lunch.  I already didn't feel good as it was and now I was hungry.  So I ate my snack and did the 1st cardio workout.  Then I waited about an hour and did it again.  I was determined to get both workouts in one way or another.  I had now planned to get dinner going since all I was running off of was breakfast and a snack.  Now I know this is a big no no but I couldn't really help it.  But Jordan has different plans.  She didn't really nap much today and she was so tired and was making sure I knew it.  So I decided that I would get her to bed first.  So I got her in her jammies and we face timed her Daddy and she cried the whole time it was so sad since she is normally so happy.  We hung up with him and I picked her up and kissed her forehead and noticed that she was really hot.  So I laid her back down and took her temp and it was 101.6.  I was like, whoa that can't be right so I took it again and it was 102.0.  I took it one more time for safe measures and it was 101.7 so obviously it wasn't a fluke.  I called Brandon back and told him and he called the ER and they said to bring her in.  :(  So I loaded her up and we headed to the ER.  I did grab an apple and a banana cause I was afraid I may pass out if I didn't get something in my system.  At this point I felt like I was totally sabotage my whole week of work but when it comes to my baby I don't really care and I just wanted to make sure that she was ok.  Luckily they said she was fine and gave her some Motrin and tested for the flu which was negative and we went home.  They just said to watch her and treat the fever as needed.  I was so relieved but I still wish Brandon was home.  So we got home at about 9:30 and that is way to late to eat dinner so I just ate the banana.  Hopefully that won't mess things up to much.  But that was pretty much how today went.

Friday, February 15, 2013

JM Day 5

Day 5 is complete!!!  It was so great to not have to get up so early to workout this morning. It was much better to eat first and then workout.
For breakfast I had Eggs, Bacon and Tomotoes again.  The bacon was perfect and it was so yummy.  I didn't have any avocados but it was still very yummy.
After breakfast settled I did my first workout.  It was Workout 2 today.

For lunch I had a Chef Salad

I missed my snack today since I slept in and all my meals were later then normal.  Probably not the best thing to do but it just happened. 

I spent my whole day at home trying to get our finances in order.  BLAH  but I did get my evening cardio done.  I was so proud of my self cause I did a whole set to fast feet without stopping!

For dinner I had Steak and salad and I am so glad I am another day down.  Not really looking forward to double cardio tomorrow but I will endure!!

JM Day 4

Happy Valentine's Day!!!  Day 4 is complete!  Today was busy but I was sure to still get my workouts in.  Everything I did today was a repeat of other days so I won't post any pictures of the food since you can just look back through the week to see them. 

The morning workout was Workout one again.
Breakfast was Eggs, Bacon, Avocados and Tomatoes.  Again a morning can't go wrong with bacon. :)

Lunch was a Grilled Salmon Citrus Salad

Snack was Hummus and Veggies

I had so many things to do after work.  And it all had to be done before 6 so I could go out for Valentine's day.  But I got it all done and got my Cardio workout in.  It was a good day overall. 

For dinner I had left over Turkey Burger with carrots and brussel sprouts.

Our ward put on a formal dance for Valentine's Day so we got all dressed up.  I didn't my hair fancy and we went to the dance.  I was very proud of myself.  There was lots of treats there.  There was meatballs that smelled very yummy but what was really tempting was the cheesecake with toppings and cream puffs!  Oh they looked soooo yummy and since you are not aloud to have any sugar this first week they were very tempting but I knew how mad I would of been at myself if I would of caved.  But I past the test and didn't give in.  It was a fun night with good company and I am 1 day closer to a healthier me!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

JM Day 3

Another day down!!  Although today was hard I did it!  One thing I really hate is cardio.  It is so hard for me and lucky for me today was double cardio.  Cardio this morning right after I woke up was killer.  But it was followed by a yummy breakfast!  For breakfast I had Spinach LEO (Lox, eggs and onions)  I was a little leery while making it but I was so good!  Brandon even ate it and loved it.
My lunch today took a lot of prep and time so I actually made it last night so I didn't have to waste so much time during my lunch break.  For lunch I had poached chicken and vegetable soup.  The soup was good but I wasn't to fond of the poached chicken.  I ended up just cutting it up and adding it to my soup.

After work was my snack and it was Almond butter stuffed Celery.  It too was very yummy.  But then it was round 2 for cardio.  I was super tired and not looking forward to it but I knew it had to be done.  But I did find a way to help it go by quicker.  I was watching The Biggest Loser while I was eating my snack and that show always give me motivation to get up and move so I decided to keep watching it while I did my work out.  I just set the laptop up to play my video.  It totally helped.  I still can't do the whole thing without stopping but Brandon reminded me that this is only day 3. 

Then dinner.  For dinner I had a Southwest Turkey Burger with Oven Roasted Brussel Sprouts and Carrots.  All of it was super yummy.  I think the brussel sprouts were my favorite.  Weird, right??
It feels good to have another day down!  87 to go!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

JM Body Revolution Day 2

Day 2 is done!  88 to go!  Woke up at 6 to do my morning workout.  Let me tell you I will be glad once this week is over cause as I said before I hate working out in the morning. But today was a little better then yesterday.  I didn't get as light headed today which was great!  I am sure each day will be better. My work out consisted of Back, Biceps, Glutes, Hamstrings and Core.  It was a great workout and challenging. (And then silly me wore heels to work today.  Not a good idea after Jillians works your glutes!!!)  After my workout it was time to cook my breakfast.  I was excited for today's breakfast because it had BACON!!!!  Anyone who knows me knows that Jessie and Bacon enjoy each others company anytime with any food. :)  So for Breakfast I had Over Easy Eggs with Avocado, Bacon and Tomato.  It was fantastically delicious!!!
I was much more satisfied with today's breakfast then Day 1. And it kept me full.  I ate at about 7:15 and I didn't start getting hungry until after 12.

For lunch I had a Chef salad.  It was super yummy and it was huge!!!!!!!!  And only 378 Calories!
After work and after cub scouts it was time for my snack.  I wasn't really feeling that hungry but I knew that I need to stick to the diet the best I can and knowing that it would be awhile until dinner, I didn't want my body to go into starvation mode after awhile.  So for my snack I had Pecan Vanilla Yogurt Crunch.  I was not looking forward to eating the Greek Yogurt again but it said to put a dash of vanilla in it.  Well I may of done more like a swig but it made it taste so much better and thinned it out a little bit so it didn't taste so much like eating sour cream.

I then did my PM workout which was Cardio again.  The same one as yesterday.  It is hard!!!!  This may be TMI but I want to remember this the next time I try to use it as an excuse.  Because I have Endometriosis I have severe pain during certain times of the month.  Usually it is a couple days before my period and during my period but it is the worse when I am/around ovulating.  (Like I said TMI, sorry)  Well today appears to be that day and I was hurting sooo bad and of course a couple times the thought of, it just hurts to bad so it is okay if you don't do the workout tonight, did cross my mind.  But I kept pushing those thoughts out of my head and told myself that I could endure!!  And how pathetic would it be if I didn't even complete day 2?!?!?  Do I turned the DVD on and I did it!  I did endure and I made it through.  And even though for about the first 10 minutes I just wanted to cry and I know I wasn't giving it all I had cause it just hurt so bad I kept going.  Then I started to realized that the further I got into the workout the less I could feel the pain.  And after the workout and through the rest of the night I haven't had any pain!!!!  So that can no more be an excuse for me!!! :)

For dinner I had Rosemary Citrus Tilapia with a Spinach Salad.  This has Capers on it which I thought looked like rabbit poop but they actually were that bad.  (Brandon wouldn't taste them.  he he) 

After my dinner, I finished my vision board.  I thought it turnout good.  I have lots of encouraging quotes along with pictures from the last time I lost all the weight to remind me how good I felt then and of course pictures of my sweet girl and handsome husband cause they are my motivation to be healthy and strong so I can enjoy life with them and take care of them.
Well I can't figure out how to rotate it so you will just have to tilt your head to see it ;)
Day 2 was a success!!  On to Day 3!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 1 Update

Day 1 is complete!!!!!!  I plan to post at the end of each day cause I don't want to have 2 posts everyday like I did today.  Anyway, 1 day down and 89 to go. 

After my not so good breakfast I am happy to say the lunch and dinner made up for it. For lunch I had Grilled Salmon Citrus Salad.  It was easy to make and yummy!!

You also get a snack between lunch and dinner.  Todays snack was Hummus with Carrots and Bell peppers.  I had never had Hummus before and I was alittle scared. I will admit the first couple bites were a little weird but then it wasn't that bad.
After work it was time for the 2nd workout which was Cardio.  UGH!!!!!  Jillian's cardio is brutal.  I think this is where the hell kicked in.  26 minutes of it!!  You know when Jillian is on her knees, tired that it was one heck of a work out.  I am really scared for the other stages of cardio.  But I will endure!!  Now on all the other Jillian Michaels workouts I have done, I am never able to finish because I always get shin splints so I went into it prepared and I wrapped the crap out of my legs.  I usually end up wrapping them after the fact but hopefully it will keep those painful things away. Sexy, Right?!? ;)
For dinner I had Peppercorn Steak with a Wilted Spinach salad. It was also very yummy.  I am not a big onion person but the red onions were pretty good.
So in a nutshell, Day 1 was good!  Now I am now working on my Vision Board.  I am excited to get it done so I can hang it on the wall to motivate me during these work outs.  :)

JIllian Michaels 90 Day Body Revolution - Day 1

When I said HELL starts today and it is thanks to this lady!!  Today, February 11, 2013 I started the 90 Body Revolution Challenge.  Now I know some of you may be thinking, "oh I've heard this before"  Well you are right.  I have tried to start programs in the past and failed but at least I keep trying.  I pray that I will be able to complete this challenge.  It is only 90 days, I can do it!!  I know it is going to be hard and some days I am not going to like it and someday I will most likely cry and say some choice words but I just pray (literally) that I can endure it make it through.  I thought maybe if I blogged about it each day it would help me to stay motivated and dedicated.  So hopefully at least one person follows along to cheer me on through out this journey.   I also decided I would do a little overview of my diet and exercise and hopefully that will encourage others to get active and eat healthy.  I am going to do before and after pictures but I do not dare post the before pictures until I have nice after pictures to show with it. :)  I wouldn't want to embarrass myself or anyone else.

Week 1 Day 1 - 

The first week you have the option to do a Kickstart week.  This consists of twice daily workouts and a strict eating plan.  She has you do an AM workout and a PM workout.  The nice thing is that the works outs are only half an hour so you don't have to get up super early to do the morning one.  Now I have always had a hard time working out in the morning because you don't have any food in your system and I am weak.  But since I work unless I get up at 3 am to eat something and let it settle before I workout that is just something I have to deal with.  And again it is only for the first week so I guess I will make it through.  (If anyone has any suggestions on how to make this easier, let me know)  

I went to bed last night excited about starting this program.  I then laid there thinking about it forever and then all I dreamed about was doing it so by the time I woke up I felt like I should already  be done.  ha ha  but I got out of bed, got dressed, peeked on the baby, closed her door so she wouldn't wake up and got moving.  Surprising, it wasn't as bad as I had anticipated.  Granted it is only the 1st work out but still Jillian is brutal so I was pleased.  The AM workout consisted on Shoulders, Triceps, Chest, Abs and Quads. It was a good workout but I was feeling the lack of nutrition in my belly.  Once I was done I went to make my breakfast which was 1 Cup of Plain Non Fat Greek Style yogurt, 1 tsp of cinnamon and 3 Tbsp of slivered almonds.   Now I like yogurt and cinnamon and almonds so I was thinking it would be that bad but boy was I wrong!!  Greek yogurt is disgusting!!! If anyone likes this stuff, PLEASE let me know if there is a certain brand I should buy because I seriously had to choke it down.  BLAH!!  But I ate it cause I want to stick strictly to the eating plan this first week for maximum results!

If you want to know what my end of the journey party is going to be, read the post below and join me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

End of the Journey Party!!!

I wanted to break Day 1 and this post into 2 in case you are person who can't handle reading long posts. :)  So I was flipping through Facebook last night and saw that one of my friends had posted a link for something called the Neon Splash Dash.  OK well that sounds like fun!  So I click on it and look through the website.  OK now it doesn't just sound like fun it sounds like a blast!!!!!!!!!  It takes place in Scottsdale and I knew that I wanted to do it.  So I clicked on the registration button to see when it was going to be and it said May 11.  I thought to myself, "Well that is going to be close to the end of my 90 day challenge so that would be perfect!"  Then I looked at the calendar and realized that not only was it close to the end but it was exactly day 90!!!!!  I think it is fate!!!  So here is the deal, for the end of my 90 day challenge we are going to do the Neon Splash Dash!!!!!  But I don't want to do it alone so I want people to join me!!!  Check out the website at Registration is $40 but if we can get a group of 4 or more then you get $5 off.  I'm sure we can do that.  Please keep in mind, you do not have to be runner to do this.  It is a 5K but it is not timed and is not meant to be done quickly.  It is meant to be fun.  You don't have to run and you don't have to be fast.  You just have to know how to have a great time!!!  Here are a couple pictures if I haven't convinced you yet!!

There is huge party afterwards with all kind of entertainment.  If this does not look like fun to you then I don't know what will.  I am going to register as a team and then anyone who wants to participate with me can register into my team.  The team name will be Fortitude!!!  Fortitude means Courage in Pain or Adversity.  No one knows but this has been my key word for the last several years.  As I have overcome the pains of infertility and I now hope to overcome the pain and adversity that comes with a unhealthy lifestyle and not feeling comfortable in your own skin, I thought this would be appropriate.  I strive to have courage everyday to overcome any of my pains and sufferings. (Sorry if that is cheesy but that is what I want ;)

Anyway, hopefully several of my family and friends will join me on my journey over the next 90 days and if you don't really care about that at least hopefully you will join me on day 90 in Scottsdale for this awesome event!!  :)