Wednesday, September 30, 2009


This may make no since to anyone but me but I wanted to post it anyway. Have you ever had moment in your life when you finally know what happiness is? You have thought you were happy always but secretly knowing there was something that was holding you back from your full potential. Then something happens and you discover the real feeling happiness. If not, it is an amazing feeling.

Friday, September 25, 2009

What a great day!!

I wanted to share with everyone just how great all the kids and staff at my school are. Today is my 23rd birthday. Although no one seems to believe me when I tell them I am only 23. i am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing??!?! Anyway, I have been spoiled rotten today and I wanted to show off everything I have gotten so far. First, I walked out side on my way to work to a decorated car!!!! From my hubby. It was way cute!!

Then Lynne, my boss, got me these gorgeous flowers. There are so many of them and they smell so good!!
Mr. Pruszynski was so sweet and bought me lunch from Bush N Shurtz.
Lori, the JH secretary got me an awesome bathroom set and it smells yummy.
This is my card from Mrs. Angers Class
This is my card from Mrs. McDougals class. if you can see the print you should read the card. It cracks me up!!!
These are my cards from each student in Mrs. Skinners class.
My phone refuses to send anymore pictures to my computer. But Mrs. Cook's 5th grade class all come and sang to me and gave me the cutest popup card. A little girl named Brookie drew me a picture of my self that was to die for. and Mrs. Fitzsimmons got me a book mark! Ms. Gallegos class also made me cards but they forgot to bring them to me so i will get those on Monday.

All I know is that this has been one of the best birthdays and I still have all my family presents waiting at home!!! You know when you get older birthdays start to just become another day but being able to celebrate it with 413 excited students just made me feel like I was 10 again. It was great. I could not ask for a better day!!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Angel Moroni

I know it is hard to see but if you look really closely we have an Angel Moroni!!!!!!! It just went up this morning. Sadly, I could not leave work to go watch but Tab pulled the girls out and gave us all the play by play by picture message.

This is very exciting for the Gila Valley!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

We finally got one!!!!

Brandon and I have been wanting a Bowflex for awhile now. But if anyone has ever looked at them before the are between $1500 and $3000. There was no way I was going to pay that kind of money for one so we have been looking on Craigslist for like 6 month now. Now I was a little picky and there was a specific one that I wanted. Unfortunately, that just happened to be one of the more expensive ones. Go Figure. There was a bunch of the ultimate 2, which is what I want, but there were usually list around $1200. Which is much cheaper than $2500 but still too much for our budget. And any time there would be a cheaper one, it would be gone before I even had a chance to email the people on it. Well finally on Wednesday our luck changed! I found one that a guy was selling in Queen Creek for $900. He said they bought it and his wife only used it a couple times so it was pretty much brand new. I was so excited!!! I asked him if he would take $750 for it and he told me that they did not want to go below $800 so I told him, SOLD!! I could not believe he still had to available. So we arranged for Rod to go pick it up for us. He is so sweet to drive all the way across town for us. But when Rod got there the guy did not have it taken apart and it would not fit through the door. So after waiting for like 2 hours, Rod tells him he has to leave and that we would give him a call. Oh I was sad. But I totally understand. Rod could not and shouldn't of had to wait there all night. So the guy emails me the next and tells me what happened and asked if we were still interested. I told him Heck yes!! But I told him since we lived out of town we would not be able to come till Saturday and he was fine with that. My spirits were lifted again.

We got up early Saturday morning and headed to the valley. We stopped at Desert Schools to get our money. Funny story that has nothing to do with our Bowflex. While we were at the bank I decided to just close my account there since we do not have a Desert Schools in Safford. So the guy went about doing that and he asked me for my debit card and he cancelled it and then he asked Brandon for his and Brandon said he left it in the truck so he would have to go get it. So he walked away but then I suddenly remembered that he did not have it cause when he cleaned out his wallet last time he gave it to me since he never used it. So I told the guy, "I don't think he has it cause last time he cleaned out his purse he gave it to me since he never uses it." Oops, I said purse. All 3 people working there and the other guy in line busted up laughing. I quickly corrected myself with wallet but they were all still laughing. I insured them that my husband does not have a purse! He He

Anyway, so we get our money and head to the guys house. When we got there he had taken some pieces off but it still would not fit through the door. So they decided to go through the window. It was kind of funny cause there was 4 guys there and they still thought they needed more help. But then me and Brandon carried into our house with just the 2 of us. So they get it out the window, around the back yard and finally into our truck. We were so excited!!!!!!!!! We gave him the money, thanked him and then headed to lunch with Mom and Terry.

Brandon could not wait to get it home. So after lunch we headed back home. It was an ordeal getting out of the truck cause it is pretty heavy but I used all the women power in me and help him get it in the house. Unfortunately, well I guess I should say fortunately, he had to go back to a ladies house that they gave an estimate to, to collect some money so he did not get to play with it. There was no way I was going to be able to help him carry it down the stairs anyway. So Willey stopped by the next morning on his way home from work and helped Brandon carry it downstairs. Then we had to get ready for church so he still didn't get it play with it. I am sure it was the longest 3 hours of church for him. Finally once we got home and had dinner we headed downstairs and Brandon began putting it back together. Lucky, it was not as hard to put it back together as I thought it would be. So once it was together Brandon tested out all the attachments and did one full workout routine. It was a lot of fun. And I always tease him and tell him that he will look like Matthew McConaughey in no time!! :) But we are very excited about it and I hope we can stay committed!

Here are a couple of pictures. Sorry they are so dark but when you have 1 bathroom light supplying all the light for a 1300 Sq. Ft basement, it is always a little dark.

Here is the machine and all the attachments lying around it. This machine came with everything you can imagine, except the Ab Cruncher attachment.

Now this picture is classic. Here is Brandon trying out the machine. He did this face right when I snapped it and I could not stop laughing. Oh he is the greatest.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day!!!

On Labor Day we decided to go to the slides up on Mt Graham. It was a lot of fun. We drove up and parked by the dam and hiked in the rest of the way. It was a good hike although I was dying since I am so out of shape. But it was good for me. Once we got up there Brandon, Rod and Willey all climbed up and went down first. After a while, Mary and Kathy went too. I was so proud of them. I of course was too chicken so I just took the pictures. It was really pretty up there and they weather was perfect!!!

This is Willey taking his turn down the slide

These are a little out of order but this one if of Rod. The funny thing was Rod went down the first part and then he sat on the edge of the water hole while Willey came down. Well when Willey came down so much water splashed out that it pushed Rod down the second slide. I would love to his face up close on this one cause I think it took him by surprise. You can't see Willey cause he is down in the first water hole.
Here is Brandon taking his turn. He has been down lots of time and is a pro now
This is a video of Brandon going down the second slide. Sorry it is sideways. I can't figure out how to rotate it. But it was a really fun day!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Brandon is 25!!!

Brandon had a birthday. He is 25!! He said it is kind of sad cause this is the last birthday that really means anything. Since his insurance goes down and he can rent a car now. But of course he was happy it was his birthday and he got presents and lots of cake. On Wednesday night after Brandon took out his contacts and was in bed I went out in the living room pretending to get a drink and stuff and I hung up some Happy Birthday banners and laid his presents out on the table so he could find them when he went to eat breakfast. He was surprised but he didn't open them, thank goodness. So he had a pretty good day. When he came home I told him to open his presents, which he had no complaints about doing. I got him a Pima Roughrider shirt, a CTR bracelet, Michael Jordan gatorades, and energy tic tac things. He got a card from my grandparents, a home depot card from my Dad and Chris and a memory picture book from his grandparents that I love!!! and so does he. The Biggs also came over and gave him 25 cupcakes. The boys helped decorate them and they were way cute. After that we went to dinner at Bush n Shurtz and then we headed to the Pima Football Scrimmage. So I think he really enjoyed himself on his birthday. Oh yeah I forgot one of the greatest parts. On Wednesday night our whole Sunday School class, minus just a few, showed up on our doorstep with a homemade cheesecake and sang Brandon happy birthday. He was so surprised. We invited them all in to share it with us and it was fun to just hang out with the youth for a little while. It was such a sweet thing for them to do. and the chessecake was really really good.
On Saturday is when we celebrated his Birthday with the family. We were very sad cause his Dad had to work so they were not able to come. But my Dad and Chris, and the Warns and the Biggs all came. We ate Hamburgers, turkey burgers, chips, jello and potato salad. It was all very good and we made way to much. But it is better to have too much then not enough. After we ate i brought out the cake and ice cream. I was very proud of my cake. Brandon asked his mom for a tractor cake this year but since she was not able to come it was up to me. So I made a chocolate cake, from scratch, then I did the pudding with cool whip and oreos on top and then I made little rows of dirt and I put little tractors on it. It really came out pretty cute, I was proud of myself and it tasted way too good. Thank goodness it is almost gone. After that we just kind of hung around and talked. It was a really good weekend.
Well here are some pictures from this week.