Friday, July 25, 2008


A lot of changes has been made since my last post. Today is my last day here in Phoenix. I am so excited yet really scared at the same time. I have stayed here because I had a job and we had said once I get a job in Safford I would move over. Well it has been almost 4 months and it is proving to be really hard to get a job somewhere you do not live. So i finally said enough is enough, I need to be with my husband. So I gave my 2 weeks notice and will be heading to Safford tonight for good!!!!!!! Hopefully, I will be able to find work fast.
As for our house, they are moving right along. It is so fun to watch the stages of construction. one day it is just a hole and then next it is actually starting to look like a house!! We are very excited and hope and pray everything falls into place.

Here is what the looked like when I let Pima on Monday. I was very excited to have the basement floor. Little did I know the next day I would be seeing this

and then just two days later we had this!!!!!!! Super exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this is the start of our basement. Actually this is probably what it will look like for quite a while since they will leave it unfinished. But I am sure in no time we will have a main floor.
We have been very blessed to be able to have the chance to build such a beautiful home. I am so greatful for Brian and Justin who have bent over backwards for us. They are making such a stressful experience easier and easier everyday. We are excited and hopeful that this is where we will finally start our family. So this is more then just a house in so many ways. YAY!!!
I am sure now that I will live about 1 1/2 minutes away I will be here everday taking pictures so I will be sure to keep everyone posted.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The long road to a wonderful home!!

Well, after lots and lots of waiting on approval from the bank for our construction loan, things didn't pan out the way we hoped. We were turned down on the loan for some really retarded reasons but if anything that helped us more then not. As soon as our builder found out, he was right on the phone finding us a private investor. (The guy building our house is amazing) he found one right away and 2 days later they have started on our house. The first two picture are from a couple of weeks ago (he was so sure we could get the money he started digging a little early) but they are the start of our basement. I am so excited to have a basement!!!

Here was the start of our basement. It got a lot deeper then this but I was not able to get a picture of it.

Home Sweet Home

This is just from July 2. I finally have more then a dirt hole, now I have a cement hole. but it is a start and very exciting to me. I am going over there for 4th of July so I will get more pictures to post!!!!

Gillard Hot Springs

Here is another one of our grand adventures. We took a trip to the Gillard Hot Springs. Brandon and Travis went out to find this place and 6 hours later in the dark they came upon it. They has some horror stories that one day Brandon will learn just not to tell me but we were all happy they found it cause it was a wonderful place to spend the day. I don't think many people come here because even with a map it is almost impossiable to find and it is some rough four wheel drive. But we liked it that way cause our family had the whole place to ourselves.

Do you think this is a sign that we should not go there????!?????!??

Brandon is totally in to Bear Grills from TV and he knew for sure this was a place that Bear would sleep if he was there so he wanted a picture.

This is a little view of the river. basically what it is, is a long river that has boiling springs through out. So only parts are too hot to get in and the rest is just amazing. It is really nice because it is not too deep so the kids and still play in it but it is not too shallow for the adults either. it is just a great place to play and relax. we did find one rock and that had a deep spot next to it where we were able to do cannon balls.

The first time Brandon and Travis went up there, they spent like the whole night building something but he would not tell me what it was. but here it is. They dug out this like tub for us to sit in. I thought it was very sweet and it was super relaxing. I loved it!!!

Another trip up Graham Mountain

Brandon and Travis found yet another beautiful spot up Graham Mountain. Brandon and me took a trip up and it was soo fun. We decided to take the quads this time to make the trip a little faster. It was a lot of fun to ride them up there but that mountain is really high up and I am scared of heights so it was a little scary.

This was the view from were we stopped. It was so crazy cause when we got there it sounded like we were surrounded by mountain goats or something. it was so loud and they sounded like there were so close but you could think if there was a goat next to you, you would be able to see it. so I asked Brandon what that sound was and he told me that they were frogs. I have never heard a frog make that kind of sound. So we looked for them and we must of kept scaring them cause we only saw one and that is why i didn't get a picture but these were not normal frogs they were white frogs!! yes, I said white frogs. I have never seen anything like it they were really neat and really loud.

We love being out in the open and this is a great place to do it. The weather drops like 15 degrees when you get up there so it is always nice. Here is Brandon on the other side of a little stream, and I decided I wanted to sit by time and the next picture proves that to be a mistake.

While I was attempting to cross the stream the rock I stepped on was a little slick and I stumbled right down the rocks. Luckly, I caught myself before I landed in the water but it was a pretty rough fall.

Here is a close up. I tried rinsing it off in the water but the water was ice cold so all it did was freeze my blood which hurt but it made it stop bleeding.

This is a picture about a month and half later. It healed pretty good but I am pretty sure I will always have a mark.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Trip up Graham Mountain

One of Brandon's favorite things to do in Safford is go exploring. Him and Travis were so excited to take us to a new spot they had found one weekend. After about a 45 minute drive up a very curvy bumpy road we made it, and this was the view we had. it was absolutly beautiful. This is up on Graham Mountain were there is a damn and it run off forms a waterfall. It was so nice to go up there and enjoy the beauty of the earth. This made us really excited about all the places can explore close to home.

Brandon thought it was awesome to go under the waterfall. but i was too scared to go down there :I

After enjoying the waterfall we had fun playing in the Lake skipping rocks. It was a really fun trip.