Friday, April 25, 2008


We finally go to meet our sweet new nephew Payson Alex Heap. Me and Brandon went and spent a week in Montana about a mouth ago. It was so fun to spend time with Chelsea and Shayne and get to meet Payson. He is soooooooo cute, I just couldn't get enough of him. I love the daily pictures i get of him. Chelsea keeps saying he looks like me but I dont think I can take the credit for his stinkin cute looks!!! I have so many picture but I think these two show how cute he is!!!!
It was really fun to be there with them. We also got to see some of Brandon's old friends which was really nice. We can't wait till Chels and Payson are here this summer and then Shayne and Chelsea and Payson will be here for Christmas!!! So we have a lot of visits to look forward to.

Little Family Update

Sorry that I stink at keeping my blog up to date. But things have been pretty crazy for us lately. We have been super busy with all of our new plans. After many many many mouths we finally sold out house!!!! yeah!!!! we were very excited about that. We have decided to move to Pima, Arizona which is a very tiny town in eastern Arizona. Brandon and Travis are going to start their own compnay down there. It is called B & T Enterprise. Specializing in window coverings but they will be doing some constuction and misc projects as well. We are all very excited for this step, it has been a little stressful but we are getting through it. They have made a hand full of sales all ready, with help from O'leary Blinds, and so far everything has gone great!!
Brandon and Travis are currently living in Safford in my dad's camper trailer. It is a good thing they are such good friends! I am currently living with Tabitha and girls. It has been a lot of fun being with them. As for all of our belongings from our house, they live in a huge warehouse in safford. Although it has been a little hard to have none of my stuff it will be worth it.
I plan to work here in Phoenix until Tabitha and Travis can get someone in there house and then we will all be headed to Safford/Pima. We are in the process of getting a loan to build a house. This has been the most stressful part but i think we are almost through it.
We were so excited when we found the neighorhood we are moving into. It is the perfect neighborhood right at the base of Mt. Graham. we are going to build a wonderful house on 1 acre of land. We can not wait until it is done. Once things get moving I will post some pictures. but it has been a lot of fun designing and creating our house. So we are hoping to start digging the basement within the month. Cross your fingers.
Besides that I am still staying busy with the Relief Society. It is such a wondering for calling to be able to serve the women in our ward. I really enjoy the presidency I work with and will be very sad when it comes time to leave. Brandon was released from the Elders quorum Presidency since he is only in town twice a month. But he did a great job while he was there.
I think that pretty much sums up were we are at right now and as things progress i will keep everyone posted.