Thursday, April 18, 2013

JMBR/Surgery/ER/Sickness Update

Some of you may be thinking that you haven't heard an update in awhile so that must mean that I gave up and didn't finish/continue with my Jillian Michaels workout.  Well although that may seem like the truth it is not!!  I absolutely love this program.  It is the perfect workout for me.  I got all the way through Week 6 of 13 when I had to go in for surgery.  Now although I knew I would have to have this surgery I didn't plan on it being right in the middle of my program.  But it was something I needed and had been waiting to get done for some time now.  I assumed I would be have to wait a week or two before I would be able to start working out again.  Well the 1st week went by and then the 2nd week went by and I decided I would put in my DVD and give it a try.  I made it through about 9 minutes before I had to shut it off.  :(  That was a little discouraging.  Now I am not one to push my limits.  I have seen way to may people try to get back in the saddle too soon just to hurt themselves and be worse off then they were beforehand.  So I decided I would give it another couple days and try again.  I knew there was a dirty run fundraiser coming up on Saturday and I thought that would be a good test to see if I was ready for physical activities.  It wasn't a hard run so it would be perfect.  I took the nieces and we went through the course twice.  It was so much fun and they had a blast.  One of the parts was a slip in slide.  I debated if I should go on it or not.  I am a little older and it hurts a little more these days to slip n slide.  But I decided to go ahead and do it.  When I stood up a pain just shot out from under my rib cage but I just ignored it and continued on.  We had so much fun and got completely covered in mud.  When we were leaving I realized that I was super thirty and couldn't wait to get home.  Once we were home I went and got in the shower and realized that I wasn't feeling very good.  I figured it was just cause I needed some more water and something to eat.  But then it just got worse and worse.  I went and got Jordan from Tabitha's and we came home and then the vomiting starting!  It was a horrible day!  I threw up 9 times in 9 hours.  I assumed I just had the bug that everyone else was getting but then I started getting intense lower back pain and lower abdominal pain.  Brandon was on shift so I was home alone and I kind of started freaking out.  Had I not just had surgery a little over 2 weeks ago I don't think I would of been so concerned but Brandon and I decided that I needed to go to the ER.  My dad took me in and Chris took Jordan.  I was sad that Brandon was at work and not with me but I was glad to at least have my dad there.  (Best part of the night.  I was laying in my bed and heard the back up alarm of what I knew was an ambulance.  I laid there just waiting and hoping to hear if I was right.  I waited and waited and waited and finally I hear the greatest voice ever and his laugh and I knew that Brandon was there!  A smile plastered my face and my heart raced as I waited for him to come into my room.  He has been at work for 3 days already and I missed him terribly and wanted him by my side so bad.  I was so glad that they had a transfer that night so he could spend a little bit of time with my in the ER before he had to return to quarters.)  Well after 8 hours in the ER, a urine sample, blood work, a CT scan, a pelvic exam, an internal ultrasound and an external ultrasound.  They decided that it may be something with my appendix.  The only problem was, they couldn't find my appendix so they didn't really know.  But my vomiting had stopped so that was a good sign.  I finally was able to fall asleep for a little over an hour before the Dr came in again.  I realized that when I sat up it didn't hurt my back and then he pushed all over my belly and I had no pain at all!!!  It was the weirdest thing!  and he was baffled but I was relieved.  So he decided to send me home with instructions to come back if the pain returns.  At this point it had been almost 24 hours since I had eaten and I was very weak.  My dad took me back to his house and i forced myself to eat a couple crackers and drink some water before I went to bed.  I slept for about 2 hours before my handsome husband finally got home.  We got up and Chris made breakfast but I just ate an apple.  Anyway, this ended up being way longer then I planned.  But Sunday started my recovery again.  It is now Thursday and I think I may finally be getting back to better.  I hope!!  It has just been a hard recovery since my surgery and I don't really like it.  So although I am not going to finish my 90 day JM program right on the day of the Neon Splash Dash, I will finish!!!  Now that I am almost 4 weeks behind I may have to start over to rebuild my strength but I will finish the program.  I will!!