Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jury Duty!!

Who knew jury duty could be so fun!!!!! Brandon got summoned to Jury Duty in Tucson!!! He was a little upset about having to drive all the way to Tucson but it turned out to be quite nice. Since we were over 60 miles away they paid for a hotel and our mileage to get there. For the hotel they would pay up to $175!!!! You can get a really nice hotel for $175 for one night. So Brandon told me to book the nicest hotel I could find. So I did. We got a room in a resort on the Catalina Foothills. It was called Ventana Lodge. I think it was a little too fancy for me.
When we got there we had to check in at the gate and give the guy our name. Then we pull up to the front door and there is a man waiting for us who greeted us by name and asked if he could take our bags. Well we were only going to be there for 1 night so we didn't really pack in suitcases, we just had like loose pillows and Wal-Mart sacks. So we told him that we could get them ourselves. Then he was like ok, can I park your truck then? Yeah right, like Brandon is going to let someone else park his truck. So we told him no to that too. And then once we checked in they asked us if we wanted a turn down service. We are assuming that means where they come to your room and turn down your sheets, so we said no to that too. I think they could tell right away that we didn't really fit in. Here a couple pictures of our room.
It had a huge balcony that was really pretty.

I love this bathtub. This is what I relaxed in after my workout and while Brandon was at the courthouse.

My silly husband once agian showed me why I love him so much. It is very important to have someone make you laugh and this his did. I was in the bathroom and when I came out I could not find Brandon. The room was pretty big but not that big. And I was like what the heck where did he go. So I am calling his name and he is not answering me. Then I hear him giggle. I look up, and there he is. There was this random beam that went across our room and he somehow figured out how to monkey himself up there. So when I looked up, this is what I saw. I died laughing. He is just so silly.
It was a very fun trip and lucky Brandon did not get picked for the jury. We also just took a trip to Colorado but I do not have my pictures yet so as soon I get those I will post that trip.