Thursday, June 11, 2009

I have to Brag!!

I know it is not good to brag but I have too!!! So I went to Colorado on Saturday and spent the weekend with Chelsea so that I could drive back to Arizona with her. It is a long drive to take by yourself with a baby and a dog so I came along for support. When I left, the house was not the cleanest and I didn't even think about the fact that Chelsea had never seen my house. But I was just thinking that there was nothing I could do about it now and she would just have to see it dirty. We got home Monday night and we walk into the house and it is spotless!!! Brandon is the greatest husband! He cleaned the kitchen including the dishes. He picked everything up and even vacuumed. I was very impressed. Then I walked into our room and I knew that I had left a couple baskets of clothes on the floor but they were not there anymore. So I just assumed that he had put them in my closet. But again to my amazement I walked in to my closet only to find empty laundry baskets. Brandon not only washed all the clothes but he did all the folding, hanging and putting away. He even got everything in the right spot.
I have known since the first day I meet him that he was amazing but he proved it 100 times over this weekend. I really don't think I could ask for a better husband. Thank you sweetie you are amazing!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Can you find me a bottle??

OK, so this may be one of those you had to be there stories but I didn't want to forget it and since I never write in a journal this is as good as it gets.
On Monday, Me and Brandon and his family all went to the San Carlos lake to go Jet Skiing. Which was a total blast. They have a knee board and it was fun to watch everyone try and do their tricks. Of course, me being the boring one was the only one who did not try it. All those crashes just don't look that fun to me. Anyway, we had a really great time. We left the lake around 7:15 and we decided to drive to Globe to have dinner with everyone. Well on the way home it was like 9:30 and Brandon was getting pretty tired and when he gets tired when he drives he eats sunflower seeds. So he got them out and asked me to find him a bottle that he can spit his shells into. So I looked in the back seat and I see one sitting right there, so I grab it and hand it to him. The bottle below is the one I gave him. Now, it was dark in the truck and I did not really look at the bottle, I just handed it to him.

So he puts a handful of seeds in his mouth and chews some up and spits it into the bottle, only to realize that all the shells just landed on his lap!!!! He was like, "Jessie!! Look what bottle you just gave me!" So I look over and he is holding up this half cut bottle.
Earlier that day while we were at the lake, the O'leary's little dog was with us and Brandon decided to make him a water dish so he cut the bottom of his bottle off to fill with water. So when I reached to grab a bottle this was the one I got but I honestly did not notice before I gave it to him. I laughed so hard!!! I wanted to take a picture of the shells on his legs but he had already taken them off. Anyway, I got a good laugh out of this and it woke us both up for the rest of the drive home.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Boiling River

Brandon and I decided to go on a little camping trip last weekend. We have this great boiling river that we love to go to and we always said it would be fun to camp there so we finally did.
Brandon loves to drive back to it because it is very bumping and rough and he sometimes gets to use his four wheel drive.
It was so pretty there at night. We didn't put the fly on our tent so we could just see trillions of stars.
Sadly, we have not gotten as much rain this year so the river was really low and full of moss so we didn't really even get to get in it but it was still fun to be out in the open and enjoy each others company.
Brandon cook breakfast with his little mess kit. Bacon and eggs it was really yummy.
Funny story about my silly husband. Were we were camping you are not supposed to have any off road vehicles there so we drive our quad to the gate and then we walk the rest of the way. Well at like 5:30 in the morning we hear a quad outside our tent so Brandon peeks out and sure enough there is a man and women on a quad with a huge rifle. Brandon got a little nervous cause he was afraid they maybe we were not supposed to be there. Also, he got a little nervous because we have been watching the seasons of Bones and someone is always murdered in every episode so he said the first thing that went through his mind was, great, nobody even knows we are out here if this guy decided to kill us. I think we may need to stop watching that show if it is going to make us paranoid. Anyway, these people were like riding around outside out tent for like 2 hours and I was sleeping through most of it but I would wake up a couple times and Brandon was at the very edge of the tent with just a tiny part of the window open peeking out at these people. I was cracking up cause he was like totally spying and he did it for almost 2 hours. Finally they left and then he was like ok we can get out of the tent now. Ha ha, I thought it was so funny.
But we did have fun and I got to see how quickly the Lord can answers our prayers. When we were loading up to go back to the truck we hauled everything up to the quad and loading most of the light stuff and Brandon said he would get the heavy stuff on the next load since I would not be on the quad with him. So we took everything except the tent and his huge backpacking backpack that had like everything in it. So we take the first load to the truck and he turns around to go get the second load. I was watching him and all the sudden he stopped so I was going to call him and see what the problem was only to realized that he had both cell phones in his pocket. So I try yelling but we were too far apart from each other but by this time I could tell that the four wheeler had died. I felt so bad cause it was quit a hike to our stuff and what was waiting for him was super heavy. So I decided to say a quick prayer. I just prayed that the four wheeler would start the next time he tried it so he would not have to carry all this stuff back to the truck and so we would not have to drive the truck to where the quad the was. But as soon as I was done praying I looked over and Brandon is already walking so he didn't try to start it again after my prayer. Once he got a little closer to me he yelled at me to move the truck down the mountain so that I was closer to him to carry the stuff to the truck. That was pretty freaky but I did it. So finally he comes struggling up the side of the mountain with a huge backpacking backpack and our huge tent. I felt so bad because on the way to the camp spot both the straps on this backpack broke so it was not easy carrying all this stuff.
So he gets back to the truck and we head out to go get the quad. It was really scary because the road it was on was not really for vehicles and we had to go down this super steep hill. Brandon of course thought it was awesome. So I told Brandon that I said a prayer and that when we got to the four wheeler it would start. He was just like ok, whatever you say but I think the engine went out but we will see. But we got to the quad he pushes the start button and it starts right up!!!! I was so happy and said a quick prayer of thanks. So I was able to ride the quad out and Brandon drove the truck and eventually we made it home safe. It turned into quit the adventure but I love when I am able to have a testimony building experience.